Tighten Up On Those Handcuffs, Homie!

I talked about the guys stealing that woman’s driveway having balls. This took some balls too…although it probably won’t work out too well in the end.

Patrick Townsend was stopped by police, at which point they found a whole bunch of meth in his boxers. So, off to the station he went, where he confessed into an officer’s digital recorder. Then the officer left the recorder on the table, and Townsend decided to get cute. He grabbed the recorder, hid it under his arm, asked to go to the john and flushed the recorder down the toilet. When the officer couldn’t find it, Townsend mocked him, saying “Tighten up on your job, homie.” Now, on top of his drug trafficking charges, he has a tampering with evidence charge.

Here’s Townsend’s mugshot. Patrick Townsend Mugshot Anybody wanna describe this guy? I’d love to know what the dude who flushes a police recorder down the crapper looks like.

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