Labradoodle Doo!

Wow. Where were the people from Minneapolis who saved the Stacey Champion puppy? We needed people like that in the post office where a person actually did mail a puppy. The puppy is still alive, but postal workers in Seattle where it was received allowed it to sit in a cardboard carrier for two days, after it had been mailed, without food or water. I’m amazed it’s alive at all.

Come on, people. It’s an animal. Allowing it to be mailed like that, and then leaving it in those conditions for two days while they tried to get a hold of the person to whom it was mailed is just wrong, and anyone with a brain should know that. Gees!

And don’t you just love how people are fighting over whether it was definitely not a rooster, since roosters can be mailed under special conditions? I’m doubting that even if it was a rooster, leaving it in a box of its own filth without ventilation, food or water would qualify as those special conditions.


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