Somebody Needs To Tell This Kid That There’s No Such Thing As An Extra Life

Last Updated on: 3rd November 2022, 02:51 pm

I respect the hell out of Alessandro Micalizzi. Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know that name until just now either.

To a lot of people, the off-duty Italian police officer is a hero. With just seconds to spare, he managed to jump off of a subway platform and rescue a 10-year-old boy who had fallen onto the tracks as a train was about to pull in.


I’m not sure I could do what Micalizzi did. Not only because it’s pretty goddamn dangerous and who knows if I’d have the guts, but also because in the few seconds I would have to act I would probably be in conflict with myself over whether or not I really wanted to rescue somebody who is in this position becausehe was playing his PlayStation Portable and not watching where he was going.

Yes, I know the kid is only 10. I remember being 10. It’s pretty easy to get distracted by things when you’re 10. But that’s what parents are for, and according to this he was walking with his mother and sister at the time. There’s no way in hell my mother would let me be so careless, unless of course she decided she didn’t want me anymore. She would do what a parent is supposed to do, make me shut off the damn game until we’re in a safe place. If she didn’t think she could trust me to do that she’d take it away from me, probably for a few days until I figured it out.

Honestly, what’s wrong with people?

There’s a video at the link, but it’s a silent film. Sorry, blind people.

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