Dirty Rat…Poison

Here’s another scary one that I saw on a mailing list.

If you use rat poison near or around your house, you might want to find out if its active ingredient is bromethalin. The reason being, there is no antidote and your pet could die a lot faster.

The EPA made regulations against anticoagulants being used in rat poison, hoping to make rat poisons safer if encountered by pets and children. But at least anticoagulents had an antidote and longer to get treatment. This stuff is a neurotoxen, and the only solution is decontamination before it’s too late.

And lots of vets don’t know about this new and scary version of rat poison. So while they try and figure it out, your pet comes closer to the point of no return.

So eek. If you use rat poison, check the main ingredient. And if your pooch or cat gets into some somewhere else, remember to mention this to your vet. It might save your pet’s life.

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