For At Least Four Games, The Leafs Are In The Playoffs!

The Leafs are in the playoffs. No, future self skimming archives looking for things, you did not get that wrong. they’re in. for real. The last time this happened this place was less than a year old. This October it turns 10. So it’s been a long wait. and what has that long wait gotten us? Boston in the first round, that’s what. So basically, enjoy it while you can, kids. It’s probably not gonna last long. I’m breaking my Leaf fan heart right now, but if the series goes to five games, to me that’s a success. I know that what happens in the regular season doesn’t always matter come playoff time (Toronto vs. Ottawa a few times comes to mind), but this is Boston. Boston is good. They’re good and the Leafs rarely beat them. On paper we’ve got a match-up of 4th and 5th place teams, but for my money it might as well be 1 vs. 8.

It may not be pretty, but I’ll still watch. Yes, I caved…sort of. If it wasn’t a Leafs game, I more than likely didn’t watch it this year. Sometimes I didn’t watch the Leafs either. Still, my plan was to not watch anything as my own little fuck you guys to the players and owners, and I pretty well failed. I’m so weak and pathetic. but if you’re a miserable sack of failure like me and you’re going to be watching the playoffs too, here’s a list of when everything is on.

And before I go, screw you, Ottawa! Partly just because, but mostly for ruining the Leafs Habs series that I think the Leafs could have taken in 6 or 7. Bastards.

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  1. I’m only going to say this once. Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Ottawa! Toronto versus Montreal, or Toronto versus Ottawa, would have been a problem. I’d of been tempted to actually flip on a game at that point. 1, because it would have been bob Cole, more than likely, and 2: because come on. Toronto beating up on either of those two teams? And the way Ottawa shuts down during games anyway? About the only thing there is to do is watch the damn game. But instead, I get Ottawa versus Montreal, which I’ll have no problem avoiding, and Toronto versus Boston, which you’ll probably wish you’d avoided. Gee. Let’s see. Haven’t watched a game all season. Decisions. And if the Jays actually pick it up in May, as historically they’ve been known to, decision made.

    1. I’m proud of you for making it through without watching. I might have had a better shot at it, but then the Burke firing happened and I kinda had to see the trainwreck/turnaround for myself.

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