Those Paint Fumes Will Get You Every Time

Last Updated on: 7th May 2013, 09:27 am

Wow. According to this police report, Travis Mark Layton had himself quite the day at work for some reason.

According to an incident report from Lilburn police, Layton was at the Sherwin-Williams store with a male coworker Thursday when he “attempted to give (the coworker) a hug.” He was rebuffed several times before attempting to deliver a kiss.

“When (the coworker) pushed him away, Mr. Layton then reached in attempts to grab a hold of (the alleged victim’s) genitals,” the report said.

As Layton persisted, the coworker reportedly got him in a headlock and, with the help of a customer, was able to get Layton outside the store before locking all the doors, police said.

Several customers — and two children, ages 7 and 14, in a truck parked outside — witnessed Layton’s next alleged act in front of the store’s glass facade.

“Mr. Layton went to the front glass and striped (sic) himself of all his clothing,” the responding officer wrote. “Mr. Layton then began to press his nude buttocks against the glass. Mr. Layton then turned around and placed his nude genitals against the glass.”

Layton allegedly “performed this act several more times” before attempting to jump on the hood of the truck occupied by the aforementioned children and their mother, then pulling its door handles and making a pelvic thrust toward the car.

Authorities arrived on scene shortly thereafter.

“As I was walking towards the male he punched me in the chest, he then pulled his pants down exposing his genitals and then fell to the ground,” the officer wrote.

He continued to struggle and had to be Tasered several times before finally being taken into custody.

He was charged with pretty much everything under the sun, as you can imagine. This includes battery, sexual battery, public indecency, obstruction of a police officer and child molestation. Notably absent from the list is anything to do with drugs. You’d think there would have to be some, but authorities say there was no evidence that they were a factor in the incident. Layton is being held without bond at the Gwinnett County jail.

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  1. If you saw this in a non-updated form like an RSS item or part of the email and were clicking over to give me the what for, yeah, Steve screwed up. Of course there was mention of what gender his coworker was. I fail. Happens to the best of us and also to me, as it turns out.

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