No Buddy, You’re Supposed To Be Guarding Us, Not Him!

Does anybody care to take a stab at explaining the story of Jason McDaniel? Best I can tell, he’s part burglar, part murderer and part dog whisperer.

“He was standing there with the refrigerator door open and feeding their dog, Buddy, some pudding,” assistant police chief Dan Reierson told the Wanatchee World newspaper.
McDaniel casually told the homeowners that he was searching for a man he wanted to kill, but was informed that his intended victim lived elsewhere, Gawker reported.
He then made himself at home in the couple’s rocking chair before deciding to leave. As he walked out, he called to Buddy the dog, who then followed McDaniel out the door, according to

Police eventually tracked down McDaniel, but at last report there was still no sign of Buddy. He’s described as a black lab-pitbull mix with a white stripe down his chest. If you think you’ve seen him or know somebody who has, call 509-884-9511.

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