Flashing The Cash

Flasher must be such a difficult pastime. Pretty much nobody likes you or wants you around, even when you offer (in writing, no less!) to pay them healthy sums of money for very minimal effort.

One woman and her friend were on the beach recently when the man walked up, tossed a crumpled, hand-written note in their direction, then walked away to watch them from a distance with a towel around his waist.

“When we did not respond at all, he then dropped his towel and performed inappropriate actions to himself, openly on the beach,” the woman tells the Scene. “When he saw me get on my phone, he wrapped up and walked away.”

So what was being offered in the note? How about a cool $200 in the pockets of the lady and her friend for doing little more than letting this fellow “kiss your butt.”

See? Not much effort at all. All you’d have to do is bend over or keep lying there, whatever works. Calling the cops, waiting for them to show up, going through an interview, filing a report, possibly going to court…all that stuff is hard, time-consuming work, and you don’t even get 200 bucks at the end! Some folks just don’t appreciate the value of a dollar.

There are pictures of this fellow’s note and the fellow himself in this story. If you see him, let us know if you turn him in or take the money.

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