Put Away Your Little Fella, Little Fella

Somewhere in South Carolina, a flasher is at large. That in itself is not unusual, but what makes this one interesting is that according to police, the flasher they’re looking for is 8 years old. So maybe he’s not at large. He’s likely medium at best.

Cops are on the lookout for the eight-year-old boy who last week was spotted walking past a Spartanburg office and “dropping his pants and displaying his genitalia.” The lewd sidewalk exhibit was meant for a 51-year-old female office manager, who called police to report the indecent exposure.

The boy was last seen heading in the direction of a nearby rec centre…with 5 of his friends. My how times have changed. when I was young, the type of kid who would flash an old woman would have trouble finding 1 or 2 friends, let alone 5.

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