Wow, Some People Need Sleep.

Last Updated on: 21st April 2015, 10:58 am

I saw something yesterday that made me laugh. I came down to what passes for a bus terminal in this town and jumped on a city bus. Now, bear in mind this bus’s main job is to shuttle people from the downtown to the university, which takes maybe 15 minutes. I got on the bus, weaved through the people who were still looking for seats or standing and was lucky to find a seat between two people. As the bus took off, I noticed that the person on my right was snoring! I don’t just mean a little bit. He was snoring really loudly.

Now let’s think about this. I got on the bus at the main drop-off point where all the buses come in. I didn’t get on the bus in the middle of the route. This guy was already on the bus. How long had he been just riding the bus snoring? Second, there is so much noise on this bus. It’s usually a full bus and sometimes it doesn’t stop for people once it gets too full because they can’t physically cram anymore people on the bus. And this guy slept through it all. He never moved when I got off the bus either. And boy was he ever lucky to even get a seat to sleep on. I don’t know where he was intending to go, but something tells me he missed his stop. Wonder if he’s still there?

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