There Is A Name Of The Year Tournament And It’s Pretty Much The Best Thing Ever

Last Updated on: 14th February 2014, 11:48 am

So it appears I’ve got another thing on which I must keep an eye.

Thanks to Michelle, I have learned of the existence of the annual Name of the Year Tournament, won in 2013 by one Leo Moses Spornstarr.

Let’s recap: the 2-seed out of the Chrotchtangle Regional manhandled #15 Junior Lomomba and crushed #7 Carlton Crunk. He dispatched upstart 14-seed Ram Amandeep in the Sweet Sixteen without much fuss, proving that the best way to take down a bawdy name is with another bawdy name. He brought down the top-seeded Fancy English, Jr. in the Elite Eight. In the final four, Smokey Don Pipes of the Dragonwagon went up in flames. And as of last night, Leo secured his place in the history books by vanquishing Bulltron powerhouse Pornsak Pongthong. Here’s to you, Leo.

Past winners include such greats as Doby Chrotchtangle (1991), Dick Surprise (1999 and forever in my heart), Tokyo Sexwale (2001), Jerome Fruithandler (2004), Vanilla Dong (2007) and Taco B.M. Monster (2011).

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