They Could Use Some More Toilet Paper To Help Them Clean Up The Crap They’re In Now

Hey Brad. Is it me, or does this sound like something our dad could have done?

Cheryl Crausewell said neighborhood kids rolled her yard and house in the Hickory Ridge community on Saturday. She and her son worked to clean up the mess on Monday, but some of the toilet paper was still stuck in a magnolia tree.

She said they lit a piece of toilet paper on the magnolia tree with a lighter in an attempt to remove it, but wind blew the piece into the yard, setting the grass ablaze.

The same wind that, had they been patient and IQ enriched, would have harmlessly taken care of the problem.

“It just popped out into a little patch and we tried to put it out and it just kept going, so I was trying to keep it from going down the front porch and came down the bank and around the back of the house,” she said.

Within seconds, Crausewell said the fire spread to the backyard where the propane gas tank from a grill may have added fuel to the fire.

Everyone made it out safely, but they won’t be going back in any time soon as the home was destroyed in the blaze, which burned for more than 4 hours.

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