There’s A Tap For That

Last Updated on: 9th October 2023, 07:34 pm

Thanks, Jen, for the lead on this one.

You know, when I read about things like Bartab for the iPhone, I’m starting to think people should get back to using that old Phonebook. We’re forgetting the reason why we do things.

With Bartab, you can use your iPhone to buy your friend a drink. It only works at certain bars, but you can zap your friend a virtual coupon via facebook message or I assume a text, they show it to the bartender, and there ya go.

Um, isn’t the point of buying your friend a drink that you’re sitting with them, spending some time with them? How much fun is drinking with your friends if you’re not really with them?

If by accident, this app does something else really cool, then I’ll eat my words. But on its face, it looks kinda dumb.

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