A Punk Compilation With No Punk Songs ON It! Order Now!

I first saw this commercial with no context beyond ha ha, look at this silly ass punk album that doesn’t have any punk songs on it. And while yes, it’s amusing enough that way, I’d love to know how this happened. How did we get all the way to the point of this going to air and being sold without anyone saying “uh, guys? Maybe an album called Punk should, like, contain punk songs or something”? Nobody really seems to be able to fully answer that, but a little bit of Googling does reveal that somebody did eventually clue the folks at Westwood Promotions Inc. in to the fact that 80s pop and new wave songs do not equal punk and they eventually shelved that branding and re-released it under the much more fitting name 80’s Retro.

But hey, awful ad and wildly inappropriate title aside, had I known about this back in the day I’m sure I’d have pestered the hell out of my mom to buy it for me. It’s got some pretty good tunes on it.

Disc 1:
1. ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ – Pat Benatar
2. ‘Who Can It Be Now?’ – Men At Work
3. ‘Voices Carry’ – til Tuesday
4. ‘Our House’ – Madness
5. ‘One Thing Leads To Another’ – The Fixx
6. ‘Rock Lobster’ – The B-52’s
7. ‘What You Need’ – INXS
8. ‘And We Danced’ – Hooters
9. ‘She Blinded Me With Science’ – Thomas Dolby
10. ‘I Want A New Drug’ – Huey Lewis And The News
11. ‘Whip It’ – Devo
12. ‘Talking In Your Sleep’ – Romantics
13. ‘Be Near Me’ – ABC
14. ‘She’s A Beauty’ – The Tubes
15. ‘Human’ – The Human League
16. ‘Send Me An Angel’ – Real Life
17. ‘Harden My Heart’ – Quarterflash
18. ‘Eyes Without A Face’ – Billy Idol
Disc 2:
1. ‘Hold Me Now’ – Thompson Twins
2. ‘Stray Cat Strut’ – Stray Cats
3. ‘So Alive’ – Love And Rockets
4. ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ – The Buggles
5. ‘Cruel To Be Kind’ – Nick Lowe
6. ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ – Crowded House
7. ‘Someday, Someway’ – Marshall Crenshaw
8. ‘Jeopardy’ – Greg Kihn Band
9. ‘Karma Chameleon’ – Culture Club
10. ‘My Sharona’ – The Knack
11. ‘867-5309/Jenny’ – Tommy Tutone
12. ‘Chains Of Love’ – Erasure
13. ‘I Ran (So Far Away)’ – A Flock Of Seagulls
14. ‘Wild, Wild West’ – The Escape Club
15. ‘Mickey’ – Toni Basil
16. ‘Precious To Me’ – Phil Seymour
17. ‘You Might Think’ – The Cars
18. ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’ – Eurythmics

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  1. 1. ‘Hit Me With Your Best Penis’
    2. ‘Who Can It Be Penis?’
    3. ‘Voices Penis’
    4. ‘Our Penis’
    5. ‘One Thing Leads To A’Penis’
    6. ‘Rock Penis’
    7. ‘What You Penis’
    8. ‘And We Penised’
    9. ‘She Blinded Me With Penis’
    10. ‘I Want A New Penis’
    11. ‘Whip Penis’
    12. ‘Talking In Your Penis’
    13. ‘Be Near Penis’
    14. ‘She’s A Penis’
    15. ‘Human Penis’ – The Human Penis
    16. ‘Send Me A Penis’
    17. ‘Harden My Penis’
    18. ‘Eyes Without A Penis’
    Disc 2:
    1. ‘Hold Me Penis’
    2. ‘Stray Cat Penis’
    3. ‘So Penis’
    4. ‘Video Killed The Radio Penis’
    5. ‘Cruel To Be Penis’
    6. ‘Don’t Dream It’s Penis’
    7. ‘Someday, SomePenis’
    8. ‘Jeopardy Penis’
    9. ‘Karma Penis’
    10. ‘My Penis’
    11. ‘867-5309/Penis’
    12. ‘Chains Of Penis’
    13. ‘I Ran (So Far Penis)’
    14. ‘Wild, Wild Penis’
    15. ‘Mickey Penis’
    16. ‘Precious To Penis’
    17. ‘You Might Penis’
    18. ‘Here Comes The Rain Penis’

      1. I thought both of those things, in the same order. You reckon Covid19 was created and delivered by Netflix, or Apple? Not much else to do …

        1. Shit, dude.  The world we live in now nothing would surprise me. A virus unleashed to up streaming subscriptions?  Sounds legit. Shame they didn’t cut any of the sports leagues in on this action though.  NHL just paused the season…MLB about to do the same, it appears.

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