Don’t Throw Your Abuse Victims In My Back Yard, My Back Yard’s Uncomfortably Close To A School

Last Updated on: 21st April 2015, 05:30 pm

We like to throw around a lot of opinions here, but I’m gonna just go ahead and toss this one out as an unarguable fact, because seriously, who beyond this group of 100 or so complete shitheels would even think about disagreeing?

If you’re willing to wage war against a proposed women’s shelter because it’s going to be too close to your kids’ school and that’s bad and scary, you are pretty much an irredeemably terrible person.

But the land currently belongs to the Waterloo Catholic District School Board as part of the Christ the King Catholic Elementary School Grounds – and that doesn’t sit well with parents, some of whom don’t want their kids anywhere near a women’s shelter.

“This is the wrong location for it,” says Tanya Costello, who has a child at the school.

“I’m afraid that it could attract drug users and violent people into the environment with small, young children.”

More than 100 people have signed a petition against the shelter.

I understand not wanting your children *in* a women’s shelter. The circumstances that lead broken families there are often more awful than the so-called human beings who would fight against them having that option and nobody should ever have to go through those things. But near it? Are you morons for real? Have you not a clue about what these places actually are and actually do? For starters, there are cameras. There are also, and this is important, people working there who are trained to deal with the worst of the worst. There’s a reason why the news isn’t filled on a daily basis with tragic tales of crazed ex husbands getting into shelters and going on drug fueled rampages or even making off with some poor woman or a couple of kids. That reason is that it’s the sort of thing that just doesn’t happen, because there are people and procedures in place to make sure that it doesn’t. That’s why they call them shelters and not do whatever the fuck you wants or walk on ins.

This is think of the children nimbyism garbage at its worst, and if any of you are at all self-aware, I hope you’ll step back, take a few minutes to think about the message you’re sending to not only other people’s children but also your own and feel really, really embarrassed by and ashamed of yourselves.

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