Here Comes White Trash

Gill, it would seem, wishes to take issue with Honey Boo Boo. Other than knowing that it’s a show on the wasteland of terrible they call TLC, I’m completely ignorant on the subject so am going to have to take her word for it until somebody tells me she’s wrong.

Remember how a couple of months ago I told you about this show Sex Sent me To The ER?Today I have another show to add to my Ms. Gillie has reason to complain about it list.

When I think of beauty queens I think of the following, poise, generosity, genteel sophistication, and manors. The first time I saw Honey Boo Boo those ideas were trashed. She farts, says inappropriate things, and has been known to floss her teeth in a high end restaurant. But Ms. Gillie. You are probably thinking. She’s eight.

While that may be an absolute fact, she dreams of being Ms. America some day. An effort by someone from The Georgia School of Decorum and edicate tried rather unsuccessfully to civilize her.

So what do I think the future holds for this girl who insists on making not only the Southern United States look bad but beauty queens in general? Not much really.

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