Please Don’t Take My Man. No, Not Even If You Do It Slower Than You’re Supposed To

Records sound pretty awful and silly when you play them at the wrong speed, at least that’s always been my experience. I never discovered anything cool, unlike whoever it was that decided to try out a 45 of Dolly Parton’s Jolene at 33 RPM, which is album speed for the benefit of anyone who may not know that.

First up, the original.

Such a great song.

And now, the slowed down version.

Haunting, creepy and somehow still oddly great.

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      1. That slowed down version at first did not sound like it could possibly be slowed down Dolly…it sounded like an actual real life speed dude…so I thought some band had covered the song and called it a slowed down version of the song. But after listening to it a second time, ok, it sounds like slowed down Dolly. Woe that’s nuts.

        1. Yup. Unless somebody’s pulling one over on me and people smarter at music than me, that’s her. I didn’t hide any jokes here, it is what it is. The fact that it still sounds like an actual song is part of the crazy. I couldn’t believe how cool it sounded.

  1. I am rapidly heading towards being obsessed with this slowed-down version. It’s just wonderful…and amazing that it could be so radically different. Dolly’s vocals evoke the plaintive yet plucky housewife, this one sounds like it could be sung by one of the heterosexual characters from the Color Purple. Technology ftw. Or the song itself for being awesome no matter how you slice it. 🙂

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