Could I See Your Budweiser And Registration Please, Sir?

You know that old line about asking the officer to hold your beer when he pulls you over? Seems a fellow by the name of Damon Tobias Exum may have decided to try it out. It pretty much bombed which is fitting in a way, though perhaps officer Rodriguez might have found the whole thing more amusing had Exum’s warm-up act not consisted of smashing into his police car.

Dunwoody police said Damon Tobias Exum was driving on I-285 westbound near North Peachtree Road early Saturday morning when he struck Officer Alvin Rodriguez’s patrol car.

Rodriguez, who was not injured in the crash, then chased Exum’s vehicle and later stopped it.

Police noted that Exum was “heavily intoxicated” and “totally unaware that he had collided with the officer’s patrol car.” When asked for his driver’s license, the suspect handed the officer a beer.

According to another report, Exum is currently working out some new material at the DeKalb County jail. He’ll be there all week, or at least until he can post $3,270 bond. Don’t forget to tip your servers, folks.

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