Climbing For A Cause

Before I turn things over to Gill and let her tell you about the event she took part in yesterday, I must say that the term differently abled needs to be taken out behind the barn and done away with. It’s not quite as high up there on the shit I hate list as handicapable, but it can still go fuck itself. Seriously everybody. Stop coming up with new words for people with issues. Please. It doesn’t do a goddamned thing to change anyone’s attitude. If anything it makes things worse because it makes people feel even more nervous about talking to us. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had somebody ask me “What am I supposed to call you?” I always answer Steve, and then once that loosens them up a bit I tell them that blind is fine if they need an adjective, because that’s what I am. After that, our interactions tend to go much more smoothly. It’s amazing how far acting like a regular person instead of insisting on some idiotic language like you’re special or entitled can get you.

And now, Gill.

Yesterday the weather could not have been more beautiful for the first annual tower climb for differently able sports. One could choose to climb a rock wall divided in to three sections, or sit in a baby swing style chair and go up a rope. The height for both of these courses was 52 feet.

Options To Consider

Other than the rope climb and rock wall inside the athletic complex at Mac University there was demonstrations and booths describing different sports. There was sledge hockey, and I actually tried this out. It was low to the ground on wheels, and you power yourself along by sticks. There was also cycling, hand cycles, for people with limited or no use of their legs, tandom bikes, and now most comfortable of all recumbent ones, for people like me who have not been blessed with good balance.

You Can’t Be Faulted For Trying

So what did I choose? I chose the baby swing option, mostly because I wanted something different. I only got eight feet in the air, but the fact I tried earned me a T-shirt, and the satisfaction of trying.

There’s Always Next Year

When I was asked to do this just two short weeks ago, I jumped at the chance, and knew that when it comes around next year I will be on it.

Ms. Gillie encouraging you to try something different, because you never know where it could lead you.

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  1. Kinda sounds like Access Recreation Day! Hey, they should get a rope next time lol!

    I tried outdoor rock climbing and indoor rock climbing…and found I suck at the indoor model more than the outdoor. I don’t know how high I got before I came down…I think about as high as you. It was fun.

    1. It reminded me of Access Day too. Did they ever try doing another one? There was potential there. Or did they figure out what I already knew, that these things are a lot harder when they don’t have a Carin to carry their dead asses?

      If I’ve tried outdoor or indoor, I don’t remember it at all. Given how useless I am at most forms of climbing though, I imagine that means I haven’t.

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