Three New Rancid Songs

These are the first 3 tracks from their new album, “Honor Is All We Know”, which because I’m so far out of the loop on the world of pretty much every fucking thing these days, I had know idea was coming out until right now.

On first listen, I like these songs. They all pretty well sound like classic Rancid, which is nice. Bands that sound like themselves can be a comforting thing sometimes.

The first one, “Collision Course,” seems like it’s got the most stick in my head and sing it out loud potential. It didn’t seem like it right away, but it grew on me.

“Evil’s My Friend” sounds a bit like a cross between Time Bomb and Bloodclot, but not so much that it doesn’t seem kind of new.

“Honor Is All We Know” just sort of exists, but not in a bad way. Perfectly fine little song, it is.

The album comes out on October 27th if you feel like waiting, but there are physical and digital preorders if you feel like paying and then waiting. The hell’s the point of a digital preorder, anyway? It’s not like you have to worry about iTunes running out of copies.

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