It’s Not The Size Of The Boat, It’s The Motion Of The Metallic Objects You DIY Into The Boat That Matters

Why would you…who would ever…what would possess someone…Jesus no!!!!!!!!!

A Malaysian man who implanted 10 metal ball bearings in his penis to bolster his sexual abilities had to have the balls surgically removed when they started to rust.
The man, identified as Ramli, 44, told the Harian Metro newspaper he implanted the balls himself after a friend told him he had successfully used the method to increase his sexual stamina.

Amazingly, he said this actually worked for a while…after the 3 days of swelling and pain ended. Only 3? All was well for a few months he says, until he realized he could no longer get an erection. At that point it was time for him to seek medical help and for me to start doing anything but think about this for another second.

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