Firing Squads. In 2015. Bugger Off, Utah

So this is one of the crazier completely goddamned ass backward ridiculous things I’ve heard in a while.

Utah lawmakers have passed a bill that would make it the only state to allow firing squads for carrying out a death penalty if there is a shortage of execution drugs.
The passage of the bill by the state Senate on Tuesday comes as states struggle to obtain lethal injection drugs amid a nationwide shortage.
The bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Paul Ray of Clearfield, touted the measure as being a more humane form of execution. Ray argued that a team of trained marksmen is faster and more humane than the drawn-out deaths that have occurred in botched lethal injections.
The bill gives Utah options, he said. “We would love to get the lethal injection worked out so we can continue with that but if not, now we have a backup plan,” Ray told The Associated Press.

The logic…it hurts.

How, exactly, is shooting a guy in the heart if everything goes according to the script any more humane than deliberately poisoning him into a quick, peaceful end if everything goes according to the script? I ask because we all know damn well that things don’t always go according to the script. Lethal injections can take a long time and be very painful just as easily as a person you shoot can survive for a long time even though he’s not supposed to.

The best way to deal with these drug shortages is to stop killing people at least until we can guarantee that 100 percent of those we’re killing are actually guilty. But since that’ll never happen, let’s just stop killing people, shall we? And while we’re at it, let’s stop electing dingleberries who think firing squads are a good idea.

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