From The Makers Of Hopefully Nothing Ever Again, It’s The Special Blind Guy Toothbrush!

Hey there, blind people. How many times have you found yourself alone in a bathroom, face to face with a toothbrush and toothpaste only to realize, panic stricken, that oh god and sweet baby Jesus I have no idea how to work this? Never? Me neither. But now that problem has been solved anyway thanks to this special toothbrush for the blind.

The utility model discloses a special toothbrush for the blind. The special toothbrush comprises a toothbrush wall and a toothbrush head. The toothbrush wall is provided with a braille holding area, and the toothbrush head is provided with a braille toothpaste squeezing area. The special toothbrush is reasonable in structure, is specially used for tooth brushing by the blind and guarantees that the blind hold the toothbrush to enable the toothbrush head to be opposite to themselves so as to squeeze the toothpaste; and the blind are simultaneously reminded of squeezing the toothpaste in a right area.

Yes, somebody really did take the time to invent and patent this. Perhaps traditional Chinese toothbrushes are far more complicated than our simple North American ones.

But silly as this is, I think I’m going to get one. It’ll make a nice accessory for the BrailleWise bathroom I’m having put in.

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