The Blue Jays Just Won The American League East! WOOOOOOOO!

For the first time since I was in grade 8, the Blue Jays have made the playoffs! I hardly know what to say right now, but I feel like I have to say something. Perhaps this is all I need, though. There’s no point in analyzing how they got here, because they’re here and that’s what’s important. A hell of a feeling this is. there are still 5 games left to play including one more tonight, but they don’t really matter. I’ve gotten used to Jays games in late September not mattering, but I’d forgotten how it feels to be happy about it. It feels great, in case you were wondering. I can’t wait to see how far this thing can go. Lets go Blue Jays!

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  1. Congrats! though as B said last night when I said bombing the second game didn’t matter, home field advantage matters! So the games still mean something. I’ll be pulling for ya!

    1. I could have this wrong, but I think they only need one or possibly two more wins to clinch that. Once they won the first game the way they did, I knew they were losing the second one. I didn’t expect them to get beaten up quite as badly as they did, but whatever. It happens, especially when you’re dealing with the let down from such a big moment. Home field advantage is in easy reach as long as they don’t tank these last four games. All they have to do is play respectably this weekend in the Trop…uh-oh.

  2. Yeah I certainly didn’t think they’d win the second game haha. And when I said I’d be pulling for ya, I meant in the post season. My team will still be playing spoiler this weekend. Hey, we made it to October! Wait, everyone did.

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