Project Fun

Seems Gill has been out doin’ stuff and wants to tell us about it.

Hello this is Agent 21 with an assignment for all of you readers out there. Your assignment if you choose to take it is to have fun! How do you complete said mission? I guess I’ll have to tell you, won’t I?


1 Pick a weekend, any weekend, and do something with cool factor!

Blue Rodeo

On Saturday February 13 Carin and I attended a concert at a venue called Hamilton place. The opener was not too shabby, Tara Lightfoot, not entirely certain if she’s related to Gordan, but her music is somewhere between a Death Cab for Cutie, and Sara McGloclin.

2 Be around and invest in encouraging people.

Curing My Stage Fright

It is most Saturday mornings, and I am in position to sing with my church choir. I am nervous, but having those wonderful friends I’ve made helps.

3 For a day be a kid!

Always The Goblin King

Last night I went with my sister and a friend to see The Labrynth. It starred the late great David Bowey. What got me there? To understand that we must travel back almost thirty years. It is New Years Eve 1987, I’m eight, and my sister’s six. Our parents have gone out with friends and left us in the capable hands of a sitter.

4 Talk about it!

Don’t be Shy

Whether you are watching Bed Knobs and Broom Sticks on Net Flicks, or having a guys or girls weekend, share it! We Want to know!


Agent 21 signing off after the latest missions on project fun!

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