Let Me Give You A Shot For That

And now, the story of a woman with an injured right arm and her hospital run-in with New York emergency room doctor David Newman, who various authorities are alleging had no such trouble with his.

The woman claims she removed her shirt and bra, but kept her pants on. The woman was still dressed in the gown when Newman walked into her room following the X-ray.
“I’m going to give you a shot of morphine,” the doctor told her, according to sources familiar with the woman’s claims.
The patient says she told the doctor that a nurse had already administered the drug, but she then felt a burning sensation in her arm that convinced her that Newman gave her more morphine anyway.
The visit turned creepy when the patient, while the doctor was examining her back, told him she felt pain on the right side of her chest. Newman started fondling her breasts, she alleged, according to sources.
The doctor then moved her bed away from the wall and positioned himself with his back toward the patient. The woman heard the sounds of someone masturbating — and then felt semen on her face, she claimed.
All the while, she was unable to move because she was heavily medicated, sources said.

Newman, after allegedly finishing his dirty deed, used a blanket to wipe off the substance from her face.

The story then picks up with some confused nurses wondering why they suddenly had an apparently overly medicated, blacking in and out disturbed woman on their hands.

The nurse, joined by another physician, Dr. Andrew Jagoda, roused the woman and asked what happened. The patient was drifting in and out of consciousness and unable to respond, she claimed, according to sources.
Once the woman woke up, she walked into the bathroom and spotted what appeared to be semen on her face and bare chest. She told police she wiped it off with a gown, which she then placed in a plastic bag along with the bedding — presumably to preserve as evidence, sources said.
When Jagoda returned to the room a short while later, the patient described what happened and said she wanted to go home. Jagoda asked the woman if she wanted him to call the police. She said she wanted to speak with his supervisor, sources said.
Jagoda then dropped a bombshell — his supervisor was Newman, the doctor she accused of sexual abuse.

Realizing that a chat with Newman would get her nowhere beyond perhaps an unwanted second date, she left the hospital. Thankfully the incident was reported anyway and an investigation is now underway. Newman has been barred from seeing any patients while the wheels of justice do that slow turning thing that wheels of justice do.

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