Are You Ok Sir? You Look A Little Pail

I don’t know how much anti-drug education has changed since I was in school, but if the powers that be were smart (big if sometimes), instead of all the lame just say no stuff, they would sit the children down and explain to them that if they get too out of their minds on something like Gabriel Orozco was taking, they might find themselves in jail and carrying a DUI for the rest of their lives even though they were the ones who got carjacked by a bucket full of tools wearing a sweatshirt.

Woodland Police responded to the call with sirens. The caller told police he had been carjacked and driven from Sacramento to Woodland.
“He was the victim of a carjacking, and the suspect fell asleep, and he stopped the vehicle and got out of the vehicle and that’s when he called 911,” he said.
Police arrived and looked through the window at what looked like a carjacking suspect,
“We have one male, probably suspect slumped over in the driver’s seat, unresponsive.”
Officers fired a beanbag round through the window to get the suspect’s attention. When nobody inside moved, a K-9 was brought in, and officers found a surprise.
The slumped over suspect was actually a bucket, tools and a sweatshirt.

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