I Just Fell Off My Bicycle, I Just Fell Off My Bike. I Just Fell Off My Bicycle, This Is Not Going How I’d Like

Timothy Broad sounds like a bit of a garbage human being, having been convicted of his part in robbing a female convenience store clerk at knifepoint. But that said, he’s still good for a moment’s entertainment because his getaway sounds hilarious. If only there was a video.

Serial offender Timothy Broad, 30, chose a pedal cycle as his getaway vehicle for the robbery at a One Stop Store in Clacton.
But as he fled after the raid he fell off his bike three times.
His bobble-hat balaclava also flew off in one of the crashes, revealing his face.
Bank notes stolen in the raid fluttered out of his pocket and initially he chased them up and down the road before abandoning the chase and running off.

He was identified by DNA taken from the balaclava and blood on the abandoned cycle.

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