I Feel Like We Don’t Know Each Other Anymore

There are, in my experience, many better ways of convincing an old flame to give you one more chance than tracking her down in the street and flashing her. But if nothing else has worked and you feel that this is your only option, please, before you pull out the old love rocket, make sure the woman you’re beckoning home is the right one.

A man exposed himself to a young mother on her way to watch her child in a school play. The distressed victim, who was pushing a pram, shoved him away. But he looked at her in shock and said, ‘What’s up? You’re not normally like this’. The woman told Tony Cartlidge, 24, she did not know who he was and called him a ‘psycho’ before walking into the school reception and asking staff to call the police. Cartlidge told officers he thought the woman was his ex-partner and he believed showing her his private parts would get them back together.

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