In 300 Metres, You Would Have Been Just Fine, You Dope

I long ago gave up even reading stories about numbskulls who blindly follow their GPS units into bad situations, but there’s something different about this one. Yes it’s somebody reacting to what their GPS says in the stupidest way possible, but somehow this one strikes me as worse than usual because in most of those cases, the person is at least trying to follow instructions while not driving like a damn fool. This time? Not so much.

Police say 30-year-old Nabila Altahan of Dorchester, Massachusetts, was headed west on U.S. Route 4 when she passed her intended destination and the GPS gave sudden directions to turn around.
Police say Altahan reacted quickly to the instructions, leaving the road at a significant enough speed to propel the vehicle up the wires.

There’s a photo at the above link that I can’t use here for copyright reasons that shows the aftermath. Her car ended up suspended almost vertically on the guy wires of a utility pole, I’m told.

Neither her nor her passenger were injured due to this idiocy, which is nice, I guess.

There was no mention of careless driving charges, however, which is not nice.

Let the blind guy give you some free driving advice. When the machine says turn around, it doesn’t mean right now. It’s ok to find a safe place even if you have to travel a bit of a distance to get there.

Good lord.

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  1. Wow. Maybe the reason she missed her destination is because she was going way the hell too fast in the first place. If you’re getting close, sloooow down.

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