Knock It Off, You Clowns!

This one needs a soundtrack.

Right now, it sure does suck to be a clown.

I saw this article a long time ago, delving deep into the reasons why clowns scare us. I was going to just link to these kids all being scared of clowns, but hey, now we have a ton of people running around in clown masks chasing people, so why not post it now? I swear, the last time I read it, I didn’t have any trouble with freaking ads popping up and obscuring the article, so I hope you can read it without incident.

Aside: Where did this creepy clown phenomenon even come from? Did it just sort of take off on its own, or was there an original creepy clown? And why is it so popular?

I’m certainly not going to link to every creepy clown article I’ve read because, honestly, who has time for that? But here are a few that especially caught my attention

Clowns aren’t helping their own cause, yelling at bookstore owners for having a “no clowns allowed” sign outside their store, something put up as a joke because of all the clown stories. Doesn’t seem like the way to go.

And to the U of G student who was on campus walking around with a ‘ClownLivesMatter’ sign, you may have thought you were being funny or clever or something, but just don’t. The two issues can’t even be compared.

And, just because I can, have a story of a couple of people who went off to play creepy clown, and left their kid at home alone while they did it. Ok, whatever. I guess it was good that the kid wasn’t out with them, but…wow. Priorities, people.

Hopefully this clown thing just goes away. I’m glad I haven’t seen any.

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