The Best Of Frantic Times Starts This Friday

A few months ago, I plugged an Indiegogo campaign that the Frantics were running in order to raise the cash to repackage their old radio shows and release them as podcasts. Just a few minutes ago, I got this news by way of their email list.

The Best of Frantic Times starts Friday, January 27 at noon.
The CBC radio show that made us famous
It’s here!!!

Tune in to at NOON on Friday the 27th to hear the first episode of the Best of Frantic Times. Redone, revamped and very funny. We’ll be adding a new episode each week until we run out of material.

We surpassed our Indiegogo campaign to raise the money to pay for the editing and repackaging of the shows. You can still contribute, buy the Mr. Canoehead bobblehead doll, check out the Indiegogo link. Read it. Contribute and get some great perks. Or, at the very least, spread the word. 

Check out Paul’s Mr. Canoehead bobblehead unboxing video!

Pretty sure that’s the first unboxing video I’ve watched all the way to the end.

Friday should be a good day.

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