Yabba Dabba Doom!

When I die, I hope to go peacefully in my sleep. No pain, no fuss. But I’ll be honest, spending my last moments on this planet dressed up as Fred Flintstone and swinging a broom or a spear or whatever at traffic does sound kind of fun, at least up until the part where I have to get hit by the car.

A man wearing a Fred Flintstone costume was hit and killed while harassing traffic in Texas early in the morning on Tuesday, Nov. 2, police told media outlets.
The driver told San Antonio police it was dark and he didn’t see the man dressed as an iconic cartoon caveman until it was too late, KSAT reported.

Police received calls from several motorists concerned about a costumed man in the middle of O’Connor Road, in northeast San Antonio, swinging at passing cars with what appeared to be a “spear,” WOAI reported.

Investigators said he may have been wielding a broomstick or similar object as a weapon, the outlet reported.

The unnamed Flintstone flattener will not be charged, say police.

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