Joey Quits!

If you’re looking to quit your job, there are a couple ways you can go about it. You can write a resignation letter and leave it at that, or you can write a resignation letter and then bring your marching band along to help you deliver it like Joey DeFrancesco did.

He gives the whys and hows behind this here, if you’re curious.

“I hated them, and they hated me,” DeFrancesco tells HuffPost, speaking of management at the Renaissance Providence Hotel, where he worked in room service. “It was this big drawn-out war we were having with management … I knew I had to get one last shot at them.”

DeFrancesco says that he worked at the hotel during a hard-fought unionization drive that he supported. According to news reports, workers at the Renaissance voted to join a union a little over a year and a half ago. The workers eventually became members of the service and hotel union UNITE HERE, but DeFrancesco stresses that he was acting on his own behalf and without union approval when he tendered his resignation.
One of the main reasons the workforce had decided to unionize was scheduling issues; they would sometimes get out late at night and have to return for the early-morning shift, just a few hours later. Yet while a lot of benefits came out of joining UNITE HERE — most notably, raises — DeFrancesco also says the union push was a bitter one that strained relations between management and rank-and-file workers. He claims that he lost many of the shifts he’d previously had, which is one reason he’d decided to part ways and capture it on video.

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