Signed On Your Liver, I’m Yours

Last Updated on: 8th September 2022, 04:16 pm

Update 2:

Simon Bramhall will not be defacing further livers. Not in an official capacity, at any rate. His name has been taken off of the medical registry.

‘The Tribunal, having concluded that a suspension order would be insufficient to protect the wider public interest, determined that the appropriate and proportionate sanction is erasure.
‘The physical assault of two vulnerable patients whilst unconscious in a clinical setting, one of whom experienced significant and enduring emotional harm, seriously undermines patients’ and the public’s trust and confidence in the medical profession and inevitably brings the profession as a whole into disrepute.

Small update: Simon Bramhall has been sentenced. It looks like he has to pay £10000 and do 120 hours of unpaid work. I wonder if they made him clean up graffiti.


A doctor in England has been convicted of burning his initials into a couple of patients’ internal organs during surgery.

Was Simon Bramhall a rancher in a past life and felt like branding his patients like cattle? What would possess him to do that? And, were all the people watching him freaked out but didn’t know what to say?

You know a crime is weird when they have to shoehorn it into another category of crime because there is no category where it fits.

It’s weird to think that, while they were removing my gallbladder, some surgeon could have decided to etch some graffiti onto my organs. Thankfully this is a rarity, but *shiver*

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