The Strange Things We Dream Of

Last Updated on: 3rd May 2018, 10:04 am

I need to get better about writing down the dreams I actually remember, like the one where a group of burglars was trying to climb our building so Carin built a giant slingshot and used those biscuits that come with Popeyes Chicken to shoot them down. Every time she fired she’d gleefully sing the little Popeyes jingle to taunt them and to give the slingshot extra power.

Gill’s dream sounds more frightening than that, but I don’t know if it’s any more strange.

When I was a teenager I would have this recurring dream about a rotten banana chasing me. I thought about it last night, for some weird reason.

What Happened?

Usually, from what I remember of it, I would be walking briskly down a long hall when this freakishly large shadow would appear and start following me. I would pick up the pace, but not look behind me. Once I reached a turn in the hall I would look back and see this rotten banana following me. As I would pick up speed, my nemesis would become faster, bigger and more rotten, spilling rot on the ground. The banana would almost catch me, and I would wake up.

Temporary Consequence

For a while I would not be able to look at over-ripe bananas, or even the fresh ones. I have no idea what brought this about.


What’s the strangest dream you’ve ever had?

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  1. The funny part about that dream is I could see myself singing songs at things while firing at them in a video game or something. In real life, my aim would suck, so I don’t think I’d be very good at picking off attackers hahah.

  2. Or what about the dream you had set to that “Operator, would ya help me place this call” song where you turned it into a movie? There was sticking dimes back through a pay phone, and pizza delivery guys or something. I can’t even remember all of it.

    1. I remember the one you’re talking about, but I can’t remember all the details either aside from there was a guy living the song but for some reason most of his details were much more mundane than a break-up.  Like he was trying to call for pizza or to talk to a buddy and he couldn’t get through, so he took his dime back and went home muttering about that being just the way it goes, so they say.  Song is here for reference and because it’s great.

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