Please Stop Flushing Your Yorkshire Puddings Down The Toilet, You Barbarians! Sincerely, The Sewer Company

I have so many questions, chief among them how one accumulates enough unwanted Yorkshire puddings to cause this much damage. Is pudding flushing a thing people do now? Is this one person’s terrible hording issue? Is some restaurant somewhere disposing of them on an industrial scale?

In an age of gargantuan fatbergs and proliferating use of wet wipes, the last thing Britain’s groaning sewers need is someone flushing mountains of Yorkshire puddings down the lavatory.
Unfortunately Anglian Water were forced to issue a plea for people to compost their food waste properly after a blockage constructed of disintegrating Yorkshire puddings was found preventing sewage from draining in Ipswich.
The company had to send workers out to find out what was causing the problem. They lifted a drain lid to reveal sewage backed up behind the puddings.

Unrelated side note: reporter Harry Cockburn is a better man than I. I’d almost assuredly have adopted a pen name long ago were I him. Or wait, what if that is his pen name?

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