Waterloo Region Roadside Fresh Food Map

When I was a kid, we generally lived either out in the country or close enough to it that it was a decent bet that we would find somebody selling corn on the cob and all kinds of other fresh fruit and vegetables while we were out driving around. And years later while Carin and I were in Guelph there was a guy who used to set up shop in a parking lot not far from us and sell on behalf of some farmers, so that was handy. We haven’t had that same sort of good fortune here in Kitchener, although that’s not to say we haven’t found some good places to get things. They’re here, it just takes more effort to find and get to them when you don’t own a car and wouldn’t be allowed to drive one if you did.

All of that to say that while I’m not sure how much regular use we’re going to be getting out of this new Waterloo Region Farm Gate program ourselves, the rest of you had better be using the hell out of it because it’s a pretty cool idea.

Residents with an appetite for fresh, locally grown foods and an eagerness to support local farmers can now plan shopping adventures, thanks to a new Farm Gate map developed by the region’s tourism and marketing organization, Explore Waterloo Region.
Although a drive through the region’s countryside often reveals surprise roadside stands offering everything from summer sausage and eggs to freshly picked fruits and vegetables, Explore Waterloo wants to turn those happenstance fresh farm finds into planned destinations.
Explore Waterloo Region has developed a map to help residents locate farm produce stands, dubbed farm gates, which includes farms in Cambridge, North Dumfries and Ayr, as well as Woolwich and Wellesley townships.

If you know of one they don’t have, you can tweet a photo and the location of it to @ExploreWR using the hashtag #ExploreWRFarmGates. I assume that’ll work on the other social medias too, but I am old and have no idea how most of them work. Every entry they get between now and midnight on August 16th will be entered into a draw for a $100 gift card for either Jacob’s Grill in St. Jacobs or Marbles Restaurant in UpTown Waterloo, two places I’ll confess I don’t think I’ve been to.

The map and more information are here, so go enjoy some food. And if you want to pick up something for your favourite blogger to say thanks for the years of free entertainment while you’re at it, that would be nice. Maybe you could even grab something for me too.

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