Government For The People, But Not Over The Phone

Last Updated on: 4th September 2019, 03:15 pm

Even if you’re not an irredeemably corrupt, uncaring, incompetent shit turd, giving out your personal cell phone number to the entire world isn’t a great idea. Doug Ford has apparently finally been convinced of this by members of his staff and has disconnected the number he had routinely given out since taking office.

They’re blaming a flood of calls from certain special interest groups for the cancellation, but considering the number of people his government’s policies and cuts have alienated and how far into the toilet his approval ratings have gone, that sounds like an easy out. I’m sure he gets calls from some crazies (there are some in every crowd), but there’s only so far you can push teachers, students, the sick, the vulnerable, scientists, the technology industry and even the most casual environmentalists to name but a few before a general interest group called the damn electorate becomes your real problem.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who has long asked people to call him directly to air their issues, has cancelled his cell phone after being inundated with calls from special interest groups, his office said Wednesday.
The premier frequently gave out his cell number at public events and touted the gesture as sign of just how accessible he was.
A Ford spokeswoman said the premier had to cancel his phone on Tuesday after certain groups, who she did not name, flooded him with calls in recent weeks.
“Special interest groups have co-opted this access with co-ordinated campaigns to push their own agendas,” Ivana Yelich said in a statement. “This has made it impossible for the premier to use his cell phone for the original objective: to speak to the people.”
Yelich added that many messages had also taken on a harassing tone, with some even wishing sickness or death on the premier. She noted that Ford did not want to cancel the phone and did so only after being convinced by staff.
“The tone of the messages was the final nail in the coffin,” she said.
Members of the public can still contact Ford through his official email and office phone number, Yelich said, noting that the premier was “committed to being as accessible as possible to everyday Ontarians.”

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