Oh The Railroad Yells In the Middle Of The Night

CN promises to stop blaring train horns overnight in Guelph
Old story, but posting it because I’m wondering if maybe I can borrow a few of these protesters. They seem to be able to get shit done, and I could use that.

My grandparents have a railroad running through the middle of their property. I used to live close enough to a set of tracks that sometimes my place would shake when the trains went through. Neither of these situations caused me as much grief and consternation as my current situation.

I live in the Fairview mall area of Kitchener, not particularly close to tracks. But for years, in fits and starts, I’ve been rudely awakened by these goddamned whistles at 1, 2, 3, 4 o’clock in the morning, often multiple times a night. I don’t know if it’s CN and I have no clue what they’re doing out there (I almost never hear these things in the daytime), but they can stop it whenever they’d like and never start again, please and thanks. Seriously, you guys are killing me here. I have trouble enough getting a good night’s sleep when everything is perfect, and this is far from that.

Residents in a Guelph neighbourhood will finally get a good night’s rest.
For the past few weeks they’ve been kept awake by loud train horns blaring throughout the night.
Many said the long and loud blasts would go off between midnight and 6 a.m. in the area of Edinburgh Road North and Paisley Street.

Starting Tuesday, CN says there will be “manual safety measures at crossings.”
That means people, employed by CN, will be set up at crossings to manage the railway’s operations and direct traffic.
While this is a temporary fix, Mayor Cam Guthrie calls it a “big win” for the community.

On Monday night residents staged a protest about the disruptive horns.
People – including children – stood near the tracks, preventing the trains from continuing through the community.

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