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If anyone has any good leaf blower or raking and bagging jokes, now seems like a good time for them.

A drunk man filmed ‘thrusting’ at a pile of leaves with his trousers round his ankles has been jailed for eight weeks.
Michael Golsorkhi, 26, abandoned the missionary position and scuttled away into nearby bushes after Premier Inn staff shouted at him to clear off.
He remained hidden for 10 minutes before sheepishly emerging when police arrived at the hotel in Stockport, Greater Manchester, shortly before 8pm on September 16.

In a statement read to the court an unnamed hotel worker described how they and a colleague became ‘aware of a male acting suspiciously in the hotel car park’.
‘We saw a white male with his trousers down and we could see his bum,’ it continued.
‘There was nothing between me and this male, he was about a car length away from me and he appeared to be having sex.
‘At one stage I shouted to him: “What are you doing, you dirty b******” and he then leapt up, pulled his trousers up and sat in the bushes.’

Golsorkhi told police and later the judge that he was at a loss to explain his behaviour, but that it likely had to do with the combination of booze, weed and cocaine he had been enjoying that evening. He also said that he was extremely embarrassed by his actions.

He pleaded guilty to charges of cannabis possession and outraging public decency.

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  1. Yeah, earlier than I thought too, but it seems there were things wrong with the culture and in their opinion, it was hampering the players’ ability to be at their best. Just hope it works …

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