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Last Updated on: 30th March 2020, 10:06 am

Numbnuts from the plane A.K.A. James Potok has enlightened us as to why he thought it a good idea to announce to everyone that he had a virus and cause his flight to turn around and go home. And true to what appears to be form, he did it for the same reason that anyone does anything nowadays, in hopes of going viral. NO, not Coronaviral, although who really knows with folks like these.

Thing is, see, that he fancies himself an entertainer of sorts and was looking for some of that sweet, sweet pub.

Potok, who describes himself as a frequent flier and an upcoming hip hop R&B artist, apologized to the 243 passengers aboard Flight 2702 to Montego Bay, Jamaica. 
But Potok, who has been charged with mischief and breach of recognizance, claimed he didn’t actually say he had the coronavirus. Halfway into the flight, he said he pulled out his camera, stood up, then asked if he could get everybody’s attention.
“I said: ‘I just returned from a flight from Hunan province.’ I might have said: ‘This is the capital for coronavirus.’ And then I said: ‘I don’t feel too well.’ And I looked around. I saw the reception of the people. They didn’t seem too happy about it. I don’t blame them. And I stopped recording and I sat back down in my chair,” Potok said.
Wuhan, the centre of the coronavirus outbreak, is located in Hubei province.

Asked why he performed this stunt, he said: “Well, it was really just to create a viral video, to get something that, in my opinion, would have gone onto 6ixbuzz,” a Toronto social media site.
Potok said he wanted to create a video that viewers would watch and share. 
He added he has done something similar before. Once, he said he stood up on a plane and made an announcement, saying (American rap singer) Lil Wayne just dropped his new album, then Potok said he stopped recording and sat down.
According to Potok, that video did go viral.

Way to not even get your dumb joke geographically correct, ya dippy tool. I’m guessing it’s that and not you checking to see how well people pay attention to their surroundings. That would require a level of sophistication doubtful to be found even if we searched for a thousand years.

Police disagree with him on whether or not he said he had the virus, not that it matters. By his own admission, he may as well have. His argument is basically “I didn’t threaten to kill anyone, I merely pointed out that they might die soon and that perhaps I would have a hand in it.”

And where did that extra charge come from? Wasn’t he only charged with mischief?

Potok said the breach of recognizance charge stems from an unrelated charge, for which he received a peace bond, and he was supposed to keep the peace.

I can’t even begin to process this. *headdesk*. Repeatedly. With vigour.

But at least he’s admitting that it wasn’t the best idea.

Potok said he felt guilty when he discovered the plane was turning around and he had ruined the vacation plans of 243 people. “That bothered me.” He said he never intended to induce fear.
“I am extremely sorry. I am completely remorseful to everybody that I damaged their plans. To WestJet, I am apologetic, very sorry for the situation at hand. Me being an entertainer, there are things to say and things not to say. This was probably something in retrospect I should not have said.
“Coronavirus is not something to joke about. People don’t take it lightly.”

Go ahead and joke about it. Just don’t do it several hours into your international flight for the sake of viewers that might never exist, for god’s sake.

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