Of Course Governments Should Fund Library WiFi Lending Programs

This is one of those little things that makes me unspeakably angry. People bellyaching about how taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing home internet by way of WiFi hotspot lending programs at libraries. Seriously, what an idiotic argument. If you happen to be someone in favour of this stance, I humbly and politely suggest that you maybe read the fuckin’ news once in a blue moon, you dick. When you’ve got clowns like Doug Ford out here trying to make online learning mandatory for all students regardless of their ability to participate, government is exactly who should be footing the bill for these services.

But even beyond that, everything is online now. And if the goal is that everyone be able to participate and function in society as best they can, those people are going to need internet access. And newsflash, they can’t all pay for it because, among other reasons, they can’t get online to see all of the job ads.

This is the exact sort of thing that governments should be built to help with. To suggest otherwise is selfish, foolish and counterproductive.

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