More Education Is Needed

I have no idea whether or not Christina King was on anything that morning, but if she was, it clearly contained the slow release version of whatever the active ingredient in dumb is. How else to explain why she would take the time to steal a driver ed car and then use it to follow a cop in a marked police vehicle for 11 miles just because she was curious about where he was going? The answer turned out to be the local lockup, for the record.

Jones says the Sgt. Michael Matala was headed to work in a marked patrol car around 7 a.m. on Sunday when he noticed a car following him from Wayne Madison and Trenton roads in Trenton.
The driver matched Sgt. Matala’s turns into a parking lot on Bobmeyer Road in Hamilton.
He initiated a traffic stop in the lot because, the sheriff says, the driver had committed a few moving violations.
It turns out Christina King of Middletown was also in a stolen B-Safe Driver Education car, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.
King said she, “Wanted to see where he was going,” Jones said.

She has been charged with a single count of receiving stolen property.

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