How Much Is That Baggie In The window

Last Updated on: 21st October 2020, 09:23 pm

Nice throw, chief.

Stephanie Dowdy, 33, was behind the wheel of a Honda Civic that was pulled over late last night after a cop spotted the vehicle traveling in the middle of a roadway in West Monroe (where Dowdy resides).
While approaching from the Honda’s passenger side, a deputy was struck in the leg by a plastic bag thrown out the passenger window. The bag, a probable cause affidavit states, contained about half-a-gram of “suspected Methamphetamine.”

Dowdy initially claimed that she didn’t throw anything, but since she was alone in the car at the time it’s unclear if the errant toss was supposed to be the fault of ghosts or the god damn wind.

Eventually she did confess to throwing it because duh, and was charged with felony narcotics possession and obstruction of justice. Police also cited her for driving without a license and improper use of a lane while they were at it.

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