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Gill has decided to write yet another guest post. I like guest posts because they can sometimes offer different perspectives on things we’ve covered or explore topics we would neverhave thought about on our own, which is great. More voices is a good thing, as I like to say. I also like them because they mean I have to think less, and that’s awesome when you’re lazy.

Remember, if you’d like to write one, you can find our email addresses on this page.

In 1988-89 I had an amazing teacher by the name of Mrs. Karen White. She was amazing in the sense that she incourriaged us to try and do new things. She was also kind and had a great way of making learning a comfortable experience for me.

The previous year I had had a rather disheartening experience with a teacher, who basically with out actually saying it told me I was stupid and would not amount to much. I carried with me that emotional trauma in to 4th grade, and felt like I should assume the position of the shy and quiet one. Seeing that Mrs. White brought me out of it, and by the end of that year I found my feet and voice again.

Now 25 years on whenever I get down on myself and feel like an idiot she comes in to my head. Mrs. White if you are out there reading things I would just like to not only thank you, but tell you that your message of finding what makes you happy has finally taken hold on to me.

So friends out there in reader-land. Who or what inspires you to do what makes you happy?

I had that same teacher growing up, and she was pretty great. If she’s ever seen the site, I wonder if she’d still admit to knowing me.

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