Why Can’t You Gift Patreon Time To A Friend?

Last Updated on: 24th November 2020, 11:51 am

Seriously, it’s like the most bleeding obvious thing. But here I am, thinking about what I might want to give and receive for Christmas this year, and the ability to subscribe someone else to something they would want through only like the biggest subscription platform in the world isn’t a thing I can do. And it’s not on the roadmap? Dude. Get a new roadmap. Your roadmap huffs.

You can’t tell me it wouldn’t be a simple enough thing to implement. Well, you could tell me that, but I wouldn’t be having it. I thought about it for 30 seconds and know exactly how it would work.

  1. find a creator you want to subscribe to.
  2. Select a support level.
  3. Select the give as gift option that doesn’t exist but should.
  4. Choose the number of months you want to gift.
  5. Plug in your recipient’s email address.
  6. Confirm the purchase.

Naturally, no money changes hands until the person accepts the gift. Once he does, the gifter is billed monthly for the duration of the chosen term. When it’s getting close to the end of that term, the giftee gets an email letting him know the free ride is almost over and giving him the option to keep the subscription going on his own dime. Maybe you even give the gifter a chance to extend it. Your boy has a birthday too, doesn’t he?

None of this is revolutionary. It’s just basically what everyone frigging else does. Get it the hell together, Patreon. And merry Christmas.

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  1. So true. It’s short-sighted of any social platform to NOT include gifting subscriptions if they are subscription based. In fact, it’s stupid. They could easily increase their revenue this way! It boggles the mind.

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