Relax, Dude. You’re Not Going Anywhere

I need to settle down, but I can’t. Even though I know exactly when and where everything is happening this Christmas, I can’t shake the feeling that I need to do a million things and do them quick. Are all the presents organized? When should I pack? How many changes of clothes will I need? How long are we gone? Do we know how we’re getting from place to place? When is each party happening? Is there anything extra I need to remember to take care of around here before it’s too late? Literally all I need to do today is get a few groceries so we don’t run out of milk and bread, but it feels like 100 assignments are all coming due at the same time. Is anyone else who usually travels for the holidays having the same feeling?

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  1. Wow! I think we’ve switched roles! When we *do* have to travel, I’m constantly making lists and checking things off them and asking you the same questions over and over, and you’re telling me to chill and it’s all good. Now I’m relaxed and you’re doing the “I’m forgetting something!” thing.

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