One Week Of COVID 19

Last Updated on: 7th February 2021, 11:26 am

Another pretty good Coronavirus parody song that I missed back in March when these were all over the place.

It’s Been
One week since we quarantined
Said we’d all stay inside and eat our groceries
Five days since you FaceTimed me Saying
Be symptom free or don’t come and see me

Three days since the living room
Became my office and my work moved to all-Zoom
Yesterday you’d abandoned me But it’ll
still be two months till we’re out of quarantine

Wash your hands in the kitchen sink
Don’t wanna be the link
That gives Corona to your fellow man

I stocked up on tuna fish it is a dish that lasts a
year at a minimum if
you can keep it in the can.

Don’t run your errands during peak times
avoid the long lines
I hope you tip delivery drivers
Good thing we still have Netflix
Gotta watch rabbit tits
and hope Legosi doesn’t eat her

Gotta be a flake and miss spring break
Because Miami’s an outbreak
cough on a college kid whose conduct could be safer
Gotta stop the shows
Cause if they go
Then the Pandemic’s gonna grow
Cause they are dangerous
By order of the mayor

I cannot help it if I got Corona from my dad
Trying hard not to cough and I feel bad
I am the kinda guy who dodges their own funeral
Can’t even go out to eat Or I’ll get ill
I called my senator for universal sick leave
give us rent relief or off with their heads

It’s been One week since COVID 19
Threw our plans in the air and killed our parties
Five days since emergency
We flatten the curve or become Italy

Three days since we all cocooned
We realized this thing is real and no one’s immune
Yesterday, someone coughed near me
And it might be eighteen months till we’re out of quarantine

Over in China, when some got stricken
they shut Wuhan down and the virus stopped tickin’
Walking the dog with a mask on
When everyone’s gone
And if I see somebody I run

Like Idris Elba I might be ill
Kay I don’t feel ill
That’s hypochondria all magnified
At grocery stores I’m feeling panic
At home I’m manic
At doctor’s offices I’m terrified

Gonna shut down all the fitness clubs
And shutter all the social hubs
And tell deBlasio stay home and work your hamstrings
Gotta make a joke but its too soon
Cases balloon between the Boomers and zoomers
Until we get the vaccines

How can I stop watching news, but it makes me sad
Need to know why are things getting so bad
We help our fellow man, and friends, that is beautiful
Drop off some food like a queen For good will
We need the science and we need the people to believe
We need the tests before more people get hurt

It’s Been One week since the distancing
Dropped our lives to the side for our wellbeing
Five days since the testing grew and yet
Still not as much as all the other nations do

Three days since the briefing room
He said he’s not the one to blame, and what can we do?
Yesterday, you just texted me
Cause it’ll still be two weeks till we break quarantine

It’ll still be two months till we break quarantine

It’ll still be two years till we break quarantine

Close the stadium, all sports are on deep freeze

Feel free to wave from there, but don’t touch me

Lyrics by @daniAWESOME with some changes by PepperCoyote

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