A True Internet Love Story

Last Updated on: 31st October 2013, 03:56 pm

Found this on a pretty funny site. where to these people come from???

One day in a popular chat room, a young religious man by the name of ILuVGod32 posted an invitation reading, “Any ladies who would not find it too much trouble to have cyber sex with me, please send me a private message.” He received in reply a private message from the young lady of faith ChristGirl1210. An involved conversation took place. This is its transcript.

ChristGirl210: hey wanna cyber?

ILuVGod32: sure…

ChristGirl210: cool

ILuVGod32: alright

ChristGirl210: ready?

ILuVGod32: yep

ChristGirl210: ok

ILuVGod32: yeah

ChristGirl210: well?

ILuVGod32: well what?

ChristGirl210: well lets do it

ILuVGod32: i’m waiting for you

ChristGirl210: no dont do that, go ahead

ILuVGod32: i cant

ChristGirl210: why?

ILuVGod32: b/c i’m waiting for you

ChristGirl210: just go ahead

ILuVGod32: no, you, please

ChristGirl1210: whats the big deal?

ILuVGod32: alright, fine, listen: i dont know how to do it

ILuVGod32: i just hear my friends talking about it

ChristGirl1210: golly gosh darn gee!

ILuVGod32: sorry… can you tell me?

ChristGirl1210: i dont know what it is either

ILuVGod32: damnit!

ChristGirl1210: do you have any idea at all?

ILuVGod32: someone said something about getting horny

ChristGirl1210: ok…

ILuVGod32: so like… maybe i think horny thoughts..?

ChristGirl1210: maybe

ChristGirl1210: i’ll try that

ILuVGod32: alright

ILuVGod32: wait, this cant be right, we should be somehow chatting

ChristGirl1210: yeah ur right

ILuVGod32: well then what the heck could it be?

ChristGirl1210: i dont know

ILuVGod32: well its called *cyber* sex, so it must have to do w/ computers

ChristGirl1210: and?

ILuVGod32: maybe we rub up against our monitors and keyboards or something

ChristGirl1210: but then we aren’t chatting

ILuVGod32: oh yeah

ChristGirl1210: then what is cybersex?

ILuVGod32: Oh, i know! we tell eachother horny stuff, like we’re having sex

ChristGirl1210: oh thats probably it

ILuVGod32: ok lets do that, i’ll start

ChristGirl1210: alright

ILuVGod32: i’m taking off my shirt, to expose my chest

ChristGirl1210: what’s it like

ILuVGod32: its very… bright white, and it has two nipples, one on the left, and one on the right

ChristGirl1210: ooh! i see the left one… and there’s the right one, equally handsome

ILuVGod32: in fact, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, you could touch it

ChristGirl1210: i cant, i’m not really there

ILuVGod32: it’s pretend

ChristGirl1210: oh! thats right

ChristGirl1210: ok i am reaching out to touch your chest, it is magnificently white

ILuVGod32: oh sorry

ChristGirl1210: what?

ILuVGod32: i just farted

ChristGirl1210: gross! its not real, remember?

ILuVGod32: oh, thats right, never mind

ChristGirl1210: where were we?

ILuVGod32: touching my chest

ChristGirl1210: oh yeah.. its a very nice chest, i like all of the contours

ILuVGod32: oh really? maybe you could also take off your shirt (if it wouldnt be too much trouble)

ChristGirl1210: ok

ILuVGod32: wow, that’s a nice stomach you’ve got there

ChristGirl1210: what do you mean? i took off my sweater, i’m still wearing my shirt

ILuVGod32: oh, oh, of course

ILuVGod32: i never really took of my shirt, either

ChristGirl1210: you didn’t? I did, just not both of my shirts

ILuVGod32: you didnt, y not?

ChristGirl1210: do u think i’m gonna sit here w/ my shirt off when you can’t even tell?

ChristGirl1210: i mean, my dad is home

ILuVGod32: this isnt turnign me on

ChristGirl1210: oooh, sorry, let me try again

ChristGirl1210: i’ve taken off my shirt now, i’m showing you my undershirt

ILuVGod32: christ, how many shirts do you have?

ChristGirl1210: did u just say the lords name in vain?

ILuVGod32: sorry, i didnt mean to

ChristGirl1210: its ok

ILuVGod32: im takin off my pants

ChristGirl1210: hey now

ChristGirl1210: i dont even know you

ILuVGod32: yeah you do, member, you asked to cyber.

ChristGirl1210: oh yah, i did

ChristGirl1210: ooh, your legs r sooo hot

ILuVGod32: i like your chest

ChristGirl1210: hey, why r u lookin at my chest? you perve!

ILuVGod32: what? i thought this was cyber sex!

ChristGirl1210: i’m sorry, i just cant do this.

ILuVGod32: aw, come on now

ChristGirl1210: hey, thats sexual harrassment, and i don’t have to take it

ILuVGod32: OMG, what is wrong with you?

ChristGirl1210: i dunno…. i just feel dirty

ILuVGod32: but, we didn’t do anything

ChristGirl1210: i know…

ILuVGod32: then whats the problem? come on baby.. i like the taste of your inner thigh

ChristGirl1210: what the hell? who r you?

ChristGirl1210: what have you done w/ jason?

ILuVGod32: whos jason?

ILuVGod32: im mark

ChristGirl1210: u are?

ILuVGod32: no, im jason, just screwin w/ yah

ChristGirl1210: lol

ILuVGod32: lol

ChristGirl1210: anyways

ChristGirl1210: i really like your body, its so sexy

ILuVGod32: thanks, you can hardly tell that i’m 5 ft 2 and weigh 240 pds, right

ChristGirl1210: eeeeew

ILuVGod32: oh, sorry i just farted again

ChristGirl1210: why do you keep telling me these things

ILuVGod32: i dunno, i guess its a fetsih

ChristGirl1210: what’s a fetsih

ILuVGod32: its weird stuff that turns people on

ChristGirl1210: oh, like how my dad dresses up like a sumo wrestler, and jumps on my mom?

ILuVGod32: whaat?

ChristGirl1210: oh, n/m

ILuVGod32: so, what turns you on?

ChristGirl1210: i like bunnies

ILuVGod32: so do i, they are so soft and fuzzy, and i like to touch them

ChristGirl1210: thats just weird

ILuVGod32: what?

ChristGirl1210: oh forget it

ChristGirl1210: btw, are you wearing a condom?

ILuVGod32: it’s not real!

ChristGirl1210: i know, but it just feels dirty otherwise

ILuVGod32: what the hell does it matter?

ChristGirl1210: would you please quit cursing? anyway, i dont want to get some horrible std, duh

ILuVGod32: are you crazy? i dont even have one

ChristGirl1210: well if you’re gonna be having sex with random people from chat rooms, you should at least carry one in your wallet

ILuVGod32: ok whatever, i’m putting on a condom

ChristGirl1210: you said you don’t have any


ChristGirl1210: alright, fine, but if i get pregnant, dont think youre dodging child support

ILuVGod32: my god you are weird

ChristGirl1210: well it’s not like i’d get an abortion, i couldn’t kill a child

ILuVGod32: what is your problem?

ChristGirl1210: i’m not the one who keeps farting

ILuVGod32: can we get on with it?

ChristGirl32: ok, ok

ILuVGod32: how bout takin off your pants so we can get some action going?

ChristGirl32: how bout NOT, creep!!

ILuVGod32: oh this is so hopeless

ChristGirl32: it wouldn’t be if you weren’t such a pervert, shouldnt we at least get to know eachother first?

ILuVGod32: you don’t get it do you?

ChristGirl32: you’re the one who doesn’t know how to have a proper relationship

ILuVGod32: listen, i’m leaving, dont talk to me again unless you know what the hells going on

ChristGirl32: i dont wanna have sex with you anyway, you curse so much you’d probably be abusive later in life

ILuVGod32: whatever, bye

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